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A Night with Schubert

On April 7th at 8 p.m.,  join the Chamber Choir of the Choral Society of Durham, directed by Dr. Rodney Wynkoop and the Ciompi Quartet at their performance of Schubert Serenade: A Concert of Chamber Music at First Presbyterian Church.

Composer, Franz Schubert lived during the turn of the century and the turn of a musical era. Composing during the end of the Classical era and the beginning of the Romantic, he produced works across the musical field. Although Schubert gained much of his fame after death, he was well loved in Vienna during his life for his songs and dance music. Private performances at special parties, or Schubertiaden, were given in Viennese homes that featured these works exclusively.

Known for his private nature, it is no surprise that Schubert’s works performed in more intimate settings were so successful. Schubert drew inspiration from the poetry and texts he put to music and people to this day delight in the emotive melodies that drive his work.

This 70 minute program will feature a selection of Schubert’s music from throughout his life. You will hear both music for string quartet, with the Ciompi Quartet playing 2 beautiful pieces, as well as vocal partings, with the Chamber Choir performing a variety of music for women’s voices, men’s voices, and full ensemble. David Cole will accompany the choir for a number of pieces, assisted by Scott Hill.

Tickets are available here or at the door.


Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction

On March 31, we will have a lively evening of fun and celebration in

downtown Durham! This evening event will include dinner, drinks,

a silent auction and a brief program led by Conductor Rodney Wynkoop

and members of the Choral Society of Durham community.

For more information or to receive an invitation, email by March 24, 2017.

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