Outreach Concerts

Posted on November 12, 2019

On most Monday evenings, members of the Choral Society of Durham (CSD) gather at the Durham Arts Council for regular rehearsals, but singers recently had a chance to venture out in the community for a special purpose. For the past 5 years, the Choral Society of Durham has performed community outreach concerts at retirement homes throughout the Triangle area. Monday, November 4th marked another opportunity for both the choir and the community.

The Choral Society of Durham is composed of around 140 singers, which offers enough song-power for the group to divide into two smaller groups for performances at two retirement communities. Half the choir performed at Carolina Meadows, directed by choir member Scott Hill and accompanied by CSD accompanist David Cole. At the same time, half the choir performed at The Cedars of Chapel Hill, directed by CSD artistic director Rodney Wynkoop and accompanied by Hye-Bin Song.

The early November performance was designed to give an overview of the concert season, encompassing music from the Christmas concerts (Friday December 13th and Sunday December 15th), the Winter concert (Friday February 7th), and the Spring concert (Saturday May 2nd). As such, choir members work diligently in the early weeks of rehearsal to master a broad repertoire of music. One of the main aims of the community outreach performances is to provide a brief sample of the concert season, enticing audience members to attend full concerts later in the season.

Another important goal of the outreach concerts is to connect community with music, and music with community. Bringing singers into the retirement communities offers a unique choral experience that underscores the value of music for both audience and singers. Sharing music among fellow singers brings joy on a regular basis, as happens during regular Monday evening rehearsals. Sharing music among community members broadens the boundaries of classical choral performance and builds connections with audience members, performers, and music. Needless to say, these performances are enjoyed by all in attendance, including the singers.

The concert season is off to a promising start. With one performance behind them, the CSD singers are hard at work refining their pieces for the concert season ahead. We hope you can join us at our concerts!