Lux Aeterna April 2018

The generosity of our Choral Society of Durham Friends made it possible for us to perform Morten Lauridsen’s hauntingly lovely Lux Aeterna with high school students from the Durham School of the Arts at Duke Chapel in April, 2018.

Take just 2 minutes to enjoy a moment from the performance:



Now take a look at a few of the things the DSA students wrote to us after that concert:

“…this concert has reminded me why I love to sing.  Hearing how our voices filled the space and seeing the faces of the audience members as they reacted to our music has inspired me in ways I cannot express.”

“Singing with such talented and dedicated people has been inspiring.  It makes me believe that my love for choral music will continue throughout my life.  …I have chosen to participate in a choral ensemble in college.”

“Everything from the people to the music to the Chapel really made this experience very special to me.  …we brought so much emotion and power to the music, and I think that’s why people make music.”


We will continue to make this type of impact in our community with YOUR help. 


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