CSD Working Groups

The CSD Board announces the formation of ad hoc “working groups” to encourage the input and participation from members whose ideas, expertise, connections and helping hands have proven time and again to bring great benefits to our needs and goals.

  1. Advanced Planning
  2. Audience Development
  3. Financial Nuts & Bolts
  4. Fundraising Functions

Each working group will be led by one or more CSD Board members who will be the liaison(s) back to the Board for approval on any recommended actions.  

In most cases, participation in the working groups can be fluid with members participating as they are able.  Decisions on how often to meet will be determined as to what is practical and meaningful to the goals for each group.

Simply send an email to the CSD Board leader for each.



Purpose:  To work closely with the CSD Artistic Director to plan programs, collaborations, and other activities for future CSD seasons, including celebrations marking significant CSD milestones. Upcoming milestones include:
        • 2020-21:  Rodney Wynkoop’s 35th Season with the CSD
        • 2023-24: CSD’s 75th SeasonThe proposed plans should be informed by CSD board priorities, such as increasing diversity and audience development, as well as by financial feasibility. It is hoped that mapping out ideas a few years in advance will help the board develop longer-term financial and fundraising perspectives.

CSD Board Leader: Dave Tremmel dctremmel@gmail.com 



How and what can we learn about our current audiences? What and how might we successfully appeal to new audience members? How can we improve the overall audience member experience (from information seeking to post-concert follow up)?

CSD Board Leader: James Junker junker.james.01@gmail.com 



This working group is focused on building a sustainable future for the Choral Society of Durham by identifying our assets; financial, physical and human. Then it will need to review and establish policies and practices for the proper use of these assets. Finally the group will develop and recommend goals for maintenance, growth and monitoring of those assets. Many of these steps have already been started and others are still be taken. As a group we will review to be sure that we are comfortable with the steps taken and seek out those that are still needed.

CSD Board Leader: Doug Butler dglsbtlr06@gmail.com



 Purpose:  For the past several years our budget has called for us to raise $10,000 (in net proceeds) through some combination of fundraising “functions.”  In our 2018-19 season we raised these funds through a combination of efforts including offering a community Messiah Sing-Along (at which we collected donations), receiving honorariums for singing at area senior community centers, partnering with One World Market for a CSD shopping day, earning Society Singer performance fees, and from tickets sales and activities at our June FUNdraiser.

Join this group …if you want to share ideas and help implement ideas to help CSD bring in needed revenue.   Creativity will be welcome, and fundraising functions are often successful because they are FUN – but any ideas will need to be carefully researched and vetted before bringing a formal recommendation to the Board.

CSD Board Leader:  Linda Sherck   lksherck@gmail.com