Ground Rules and Useful Information


120 Morris Street

Durham, NC 27701 Director: Rodney Wynkoop

Accompanist: David Cole

(919) 560-2733 Admin Asst: Susan Parham



Rehearsals are held each Monday night from 7:30 to 9:30 PM in the IBM Room at the Durham Arts Council unless otherwise noted in the schedule. If you know you will be absent for a rehearsal, please email the Membership chair at . You are expected to miss no more than 2 rehearsals per semester and no dress rehearsals.  If you must miss more than this, please consult with the conductor.  The conductor has the final discretion about any singer performing in any concert.



If you are under the weather, but not contagious, you are encouraged to attend rehearsals and sit away from other singers.


Inclement Weather Policy

An email will be sent if a rehearsal is cancelled. You can also call the CSD office phone number ((919) 560-2733) to find out if rehearsal has been cancelled due to bad weather. Please note that rehearsals are very seldom canceled, but safety first.


Music and Folders

Music is purchased by the Society then sold to the members at cost. Members are expected to purchase any music specifically ordered on their behalf, even if they later find they are unable to participate in a given concert. Members may provide their own music, as long as it is deemed an acceptable edition by the Director. Black folders (for performances) should be obtained by each member.


Concert Dress

Concert dress for men is black formal: white shirt, black bow tie, black shoes and black socks, and

black tuxedo or suit. For women: formal, conservative, all-black, floorlength, long or three-quarter length sleeved apparel and plain black shoes. If ankles or toes are visible, opaque black hose are required. Not allowed: stretch pants, stirrup pants, sweat pants, tights with tunics, sheer fabrics, low necklines (front or back), slit skirts, necklaces, dangling or shiny earrings, bracelets, rings (other than wedding or engagement) and strong artificial or natural scents. Specific questions about concert dress should be directed to the Concert Chair (Justin Fries). Inappropriately dressed members may be asked not to sing in a concert.


Ticket Sales/Friends Donations

All members are encouraged to promote our concerts by word of mouth. Ticket sales are very important, so your enthusiastic efforts are critical to the economic health of the Society. Members wishing to make financial contributions to the Society are encouraged to do so by becoming Friends. Members and non-members may make tax deductible donations to the Society and receive acknowledgment in the concert programs. Please encourage your friends and family to consider becoming Friends. Please direct them to our website,, to purchase tickets and to donate.



It takes many hours of work outside of rehearsals to make a concert season successful, and as we are primarily a volunteer organization everyone is expected to help out in some way during the year. Opportunities range from assisting with music sales to setting up for rehearsals and concerts.


Chamber Choir

A new Chamber Choir is formed by audition each fall. Audition dates are announced early in the semester. This group performs during CSD concerts, at their own concerts, and at outside events (e.g., weddings). Participation in this group requires a substantial time commitment. The attendance policy for the Chamber Choir is similar to that for the general membership.


Members Website

The Members section of is your friend! and contains much useful information. You can access this through the “Current Member Login” tab.  The password is “requiem”.  You can see the current rehearsal and concert schedule, a photo directory, the board directory and position descriptions, update your email or snail mail, etc.

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